John Levene


David Roylance Associates is proud to have John Levene as an associate trainer and coach.

John Levene has had a long and exceptional career as an actor, entertainer, comedian, singer, producer of corporate videos, presenter, public speaker and presentation skills trainer.

Born John Anthony Woods in Wiltshire John took John Levene as his stage name when he became an actor in 1967. He was working in a menswear shop in Regent Street when Telly Savalas walked in needing to be fitted for a suit. Telly suggested that John, being a good looking guy, would make a good actor, after which John became interested in acting and entered the profession.

John has a remarkable celebrity status in the world of cult TV fandom. Shortly after becoming an actor he found himself working on the BBC’s Doctor Who as a Cyberman and a Yeti. He was mentored by director Douglas Camfield and was soon cast as Sergeant Benton of UNIT, a character he played as a regular in Doctor Who for 8 years. He also appeared in other classic television series of the time, Adam Adamant Lives, UFO, Callan and The Adventurer.

After leaving Doctor Who he moved to the United States and began a new career running his own communications company Genesis Communications. As a director he produced several corporate videos and ran events for The Ford Motor Company, British Airways, KFC, Amway, Revlon and many others. He also produced and hosted a number of corporate events and is well known in the US for his skill at MCing. He also spent 20 years training people to be confident public speakers and leaders.

Since his return to the UK he has begun a career as a recording artist and his first album was recently released.

John’s specialist skills revolve around teaching people the skills to create the optimum emotional and physical performance when the microphone is on and the audience is listening. He is a superb, passionate and inspirational trainer and it is very much an honour to have him as an associate.