Business Training

How to Seriously Increase Revenues?

David Roylance Associates offer a series of challenging, stimulating and practical courses within the area of business training. The courses have a proven track record of helping clients to dramatically increase revenue, enhance agility within their business teams, improve their leadership skills and better represent their company to the marketplace.

The business training courses are based around deepening the awareness of your personal impact and expanding the styles in which you influence people, whether internally or externally.

During the business training courses you will learn the tools, structures and practicalities of influential communication, relationship building and negotiation

Your course will include the following key components:

  • You will learn the crucial differences in 1:1 and 1:Many communication.
  • You will learn elegant structures to gain permission to influence people towards achieving goals.
  • You will learn the system of relationship sales.
  • You will learn how to change your behaviours to create immediate results.
  • You will learn to always influence groups with respect, integrity and authenticity.


Why take Business Training with David Roylance?

I have achieved success working with many notable clients including both the board and the graduates of Barclays PLC, the regional sales directors of Aviva, I fast tracked the first woman onto the board of RBS, and worked to promote the Financial Director of Standard Life to a CFO role, thereby doubling his income.

I have worked with charities, small businesses and sole traders, to substantially increase their hit rate in making sales and creating both new clients and new relationships. My work business has delivered great bottom line results while my work with charities has dramatically increased their fundraising.

I also have a number of associates who are all at the highest level in their field. Sometimes a course will require more than one trainer to make sure that every delegate receives something specifically for them to work on and improve performance.

All course will be created in a bespoke manner after an initial consultation with the client on their specific needs. Courses are available in 1, 2 and 4 days versions depending on the amount of training to be covered. If you are interested in the business training services please get in touch today.