Transform Your Career or Business

The cry for help I most often hear from a corporate client is this.

“We have someone we want to promote within our team. But we can’t. They have no Gravitas. Can you give them Gravitas?”

Leadership Coaching is about achieving both your personal and your professional goals and attaining a certain gravitas in your interactions with people.

Leadership coaching with David Roylance will be an intense and stimulating journey towards identifying the strengths, challenges, behaviours and mind sets that may currently be holding you back.

The relationships you will develop with me and other the coaches during the workshops is provocative, thoughtful and always practical with the intention on focusing on recognisable and immediate behaviour change. This will be about how you want to position yourself within your organisation or when facing clients, and also about what your business management team need to see in order for you achieve your aspirations and get promotion.

Each course will include the following:

  • You will learn the differences between 1:1 influencing and 1:Many and how to apply behaviours to maximise your results in either situation.
  • You will learn how to lead and influence a group
  • You will learn how to notice other leaders within groups
  • You will learn how to manage “tricky” people
  • You will learn how to remain calm whilst under the most intense pressure and provocation and always appear as “the person in charge”
  • You will learn tools and structures that will guarantee you and your messages are remembered for all the right reasons

A coaching relationship usually takes the form of 2 meetings per month with the expectation of achieving a genuine change in your achievements and positioning within 3 months.

If you are interested to learn more about how Leadership Coaching can work for you and progress your career please get in touch today.