Life Coaching

Time to Make A Change?

I work with people in the same way that an athletics coach would with their players, only I do it with every aspect of their life, from their career, relationship, self esteem and their ability to communicate with others.

I have been honoured to be able to work with clients from all walks of life, from board members of the RBS and Standard Life to workshop leaders and educators in charities, from property investors to video production companies, from digital entrepreneurs to people who want to achieve something new and build a business or a service from scratch.

Life Coaching is an important step for many people and can have an incredible, positive and lasting impact on an individuals life. On each Life Coaching course you will learn the following key skills:

  • You will learn exactly what matters to you most and how to devote a life to that aim
  • You will learn systems that mean you have more of what you want by getting rid of more of what you don’t want
  • You will learn tools and structures to simplify your life
  • You will learn how to take you fears and make them work for you and not against you
  • You will learn thinking styles that will create positive momentum in your life on a daily basis
  • You will earn how to never let any fear stand in the way of your career, relationship or life again

A Life Coaching relationship usually takes the form of 2 meetings per month with the expectation of achieving genuine change in your goals, outlook, lifestyle management and achievements within 3 months.

Telephone or Skype based life coaching is also available.