The ALIVE Customer Experience

Hello good people of the internet.

In a week’s time I will be premiering a new seminar workshop that I will be delivering in conjunction with Capricorn Coaching.

The ALIVE Customer Experience is a morning of unmissable practical techniques on how to turn those merely “satisfied” customers into “raving fans”.

I was lucky enough to spend a day working with Tony Robbins, one of the most remarkable people it has ever been my privilege to be near. I will never forget the moment he asked the audience “What do satisfied customers do?”

The audience struggled to find an answer but Tony was swift and to the point. In that fine baritone voice of his he said: “Look elsewhere!”

Oh so true. How many times have I had a satisfactory experience as a customer in a shop or in a transaction, or learning from a business coach or leader. Every time the experience is satisfactory and I have achieved or received exactly what I expected to, then I am happy to go looking for a better deal.

But on those few occasions that the experience exceeds those expectations I have become a “raving fan”. I end up recommending wherever I go. I am selling this company’s product or service. I am not even asking for a fee!

Now let me introduce you to my new colleague from Capricorn Coaching. Paul Gallichan-Todd.

Paul is an occupational psychologist with a special interest in the customer experience and over 20 years of experience working with customer service departments.

Paul will be delivering some exceptionally surprising figures and insights into the reality of the majority of customer experiences and why so few businesses understand the relationship. He has built a 7 Step programme that guarantees that the experience with the customer is ALIVE and beyond expectations.

I will be delivering one of my favourite examples of behavioural analysis, the Cats and Dogs model. With Cats and Dogs you are able to immediately create rapport in situations where none exists and to immediately neutralise anger and all negative emotional states in any customer under the most difficult of circumstances.

If you or your business could do with some insight in these areas then get in touch through the email page here.

Paul and I are delivering this event FREE OF CHARGE. That is correct. We are swallowing all the expense in delivering these unmissable tips and techniques to you.

Central London. November 6th 10.20 – 12.20.

We have only 5 places left for this event. Get in touch now to guarantee your place.Capricorn Coaching.smallerpaulgallichantodd

Paul Gallichan-Todd of Capricorn Coaching

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