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David’s exceptional skills allow him to create dramatic change in voice, body and mind, in order that his client’s achieve their goals, in business or in life.

David now lives in Hampshire with his partner, Emma and 2 wonderful children. But life was not always so rosy.

Born in Edinburgh and spending his youth as an actor working almost exclusively for no money, David came to London, to the bright lights and the big city, to train professionally at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Whilst there and during his professional theatre career he was lucky enough to find himself working with some of the most incredible and insightful people in the world of theatre.

Amongst his teachers were the world’s premiere voice teacher, Patsy Rodenburg, 2 of the world’s most renowned theatre directors from Russia, Vassilij Skorik and Evgeny Kamenkovich, Yukio Ninagawa, Japan’s top theatrical export and Sir Alec Guinness. All of these people and more have contributed ideas that make David’s Secrets of Leadership Formula a unique proposition

Unfortunately, David squandered this talent waiting for the phone to ring him, rather than actively chasing the lifestyle he wanted.

With the arrival of the first of his children, David discovered what it meant to have something more important than himself to live for. Liberated by this discovery and motivated to action for the whole family, David has added his training as a Certified NLP Practitioner to his skills, allowing him to create a series of workshops and interventions for business leaders and business owners both large and small (and micro!). He has been extremely successful in changing belief systems at root level and creating new physical and vocal behaviours for a number of people, some of whom have doubled their income within 24 hours of working with him, or who have fast tracked themselves from middle management to the board room.

As an associate of other companies David has transformed the fortunes of many sitting on the boards of businesses like RBS, Standard Life, Barclays, Turner Entertainment, Aviva, Coutts, and Reed Business Information. Now he has the opportunity to spread the word far beyond by working directly with you.